Do‘s and Dont‘s at concerts

Whether you’re going to concerts quite often or just one to three times per year , there are some important things to know. If you’re eager to find out what this things are you definitely should keep reading.

Let’s start off with the Dont’s. They’re really simple to avoid and are making sure that the concert or the show is going to be fun for everyone.


  • don’t ellbow your way to the front row if you’re late (only when you’re friends are already there, but be nice)
  • standing right in front of someone who’s obviously smaller than you
  • don’t carry you’re biggest bag along (nowadays mostly only bags smaller than a A4 are allowed)
  • please don’t push forward or don’t push someone else – there’s enough space for everone
  • don’t buy tickets from pages like viagogo, as they’re only overpriced and you’ll never be sure, that the tickets will be valid in the end
  • don’t stand up already 30 minutes before the concert even has started, you’re going to stay a long time afterwards anyway


  • come early if you wanna end up in the front row
  • be nice to each other
  • place you’re bag at the bag storage before lining up, if you already know that you’re bag is going to be too big – this will also save you a lot of time
  • let other people especially children in front of you if you notice that they can’t seee anything
  • congratulations if you made it to the front row, make yourself comfortable now and sit down – you’re already going to be staying during the whole concert
Audience picture at the David Guetta

Enjoy an unforgettable evening

If you’re following these rules I’m pretty sure that you’re about to enjoy an incredible and unforgettable evening, which you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Oh, before I forget it, please don’t forget to experience the night not only through you’re mobile phone. It’s not only really hard to hold a mobile phone the whole time, but also the videos that you’re taking won’t be pretty good if you’re not standing in one of the front lines.

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog article. What are your personal Do’s and Dont’s? Let me know in the comments.

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