Lockdown Artist Discovery: Tim Freitag

Since almost a whole year the world is upside down and most of us are still stuck at home. While I was going through some old pictures of mine I had the idea to get with other swiss music bloggers to introduce you to some of our favorite artists. After some back and forth: Lockdown Artist Discovery was born. Today Kekoaskorner and I are introducing you to our Lockdown Discovery Artists: Nathan Evans and Tim Freitag.

Swiss Indie Band

Tim Freitag is a swiss indie band that consists of the following band members: Janick Pfenninger (Vocals), Nicolas Rüttimann (Guitars), Severin Graf (Bass), Lorenzo Demenga (Drums), Daniel Gisler (Keys). I’ve first discovered them at the Zermatt unplugged where they’ve blown away the audience with their amazing energy on stage. The band is able to easily amaze not only those who wan’t to see them but also a strange audience.

SRF 3 Best Talent

The band from Zurich also got awarded as “SRF Best Talent” in March 2020. Make sure to check out their SRF 3 Live-Session where they performed some of their hits includin “Hold On”.

In 2020 they’ve finally released their debut album called “Monsters Forever”. The album not only consist of slow songs like “Another Heart Has Lost Its Place“, “Bruises” or “Hold On” but also of great songs to dance to like “Tip Toe”.

Over 85’000 monthly listeners

Moren than 85’000 people are listening to their tunes on Spotify on a monthly basis and the band has more than 1’400 Followers. Their songs have been played over 2.5 million times.

Make sure to listen to Tim Freitag’s Top 10 Tracks!

Follow Tim Freitag

If you’re interested in seeing what Tim Freitag is up to in the future make sure to follow him on his social media channels.

More about the Lockdown Artist Discovery Series

Don’t forget to check out the other swiss music blogs that are participating in this series.


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