Lockdown Artist Discovery – Marius Bear

Since almost a whole year the world is upside down and most of us are still stuck at home. While I was going through some old pictures of mine I had the idea to get with other swiss music bloggers to introduce you to some of our favorite artists. After some back and forth: Lockdown Artist Discovery was born. We’re going to introduce you to two Artists each week, so stay tuned!

Today Loads of Music and I are gonna introduce you to our first Lock Discovery Artists: Marius Bear and Jake Isaac.

Native from the Swiss mountains

Marius Bear is a 27 year old swiss musician with an amazing deep voice. In 2019 he became “SRF 3 Best Talent”. Bear himself would describe his music at raw pop. After being in the military he started busking in Fribourg and other places in Switzerland.

In Lucerne he met the “Radio Zürisee” boss, who signed him up. After that Marius Bear decided to focus on music. The singer even studied music production at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) in London, where also big artist such as Tom Odell or George Ezra were studying.

Someday the talented young artist would like to perform at the Hallenstadion or at sing a duet with the Billie Eilish as he told in a interview with the “Schweizer Illustrierte”.

New music release – “Heart on your doorstep”

This friday Bear is going to release his new single “Heart on your Doorstep”.

Even if I sadly haven’t already seen hime live on stage I’ve only heard and seen good things about him and can’t wait till I’m gonna be able to see him live on stage.

Marius Bear – 10 Ten Tracks

Follow Marius Bear

If you’re interested in seeing what Marius Bear is up to in the future make sure to follow him on his social media channels.

More about the Lockdown Artist Discovery Series

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