Festival summer 2019

The first weekend of one of the most famous festivals has just started yesterday. With the Coachelle finally taking place, the festival summer 2019 is officially starting. Here’s a overview of some of the biggest festival happening this year in Switzerland

Openair Frauenfeld (11. – 13. July 2019)

I’m sure you’ve probably already heard of the Openair Frauenfeld. The openair in Frauenfeld is the biggest hip-hop festival in europe. Even the rap god himself performed their twice. Cardi B, Travis Scott and G-Eazy are only some of the artist that will be hitting the Openair Frauenfeld-stage. Here’s a overview of all the artists.

If you bought special- or VIP-tickets you will already be able to go the camping area on wednesday, the 10th of July 2019. Which is a day before everyone else. From experience there are always a lot of people which are already heading to the openair in advance, so if you wanna manage to get some great places you’ll better go with the flow.

Moon & Stars (13. – 21. July 2019)

The Moon & Stars Festival probably takes place at one of the most beautiful scenery. The festival is taking place at the Piazza Grande in Locarno, which belongs to the italian speaking part of Switzerland. Christina Aguilera, Jason Derulo and Stefanie Heinzmann are only some of names, which are on the Line-Up.

The prices for the tickets at the Moon & Stars are dynamic, which means that the tickets will get more expensive, if there are a lot of people interested in it.

Blue Balls Festival (19. 27- July 2019)

The Blue Balls Festival is taking place in July at the KKL in Lucerne. The different concerts are either taking place at the Pavillon, the KKL itself or at the Schweizerhof, which are near the main trainstation in Lucerne.

Joss Stone and Xavier Naidoo are my favourite artists, out of the line-up.

Festival Summer 2019

Montreux Jazz Festival (28. June – 13. July 2019)

Artists such as Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill and Elton John will be performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival. All of the musicians will be performing at either the Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux Jazz Club or the Montreux Jazz Lab.

Some of the artist can also been seen for free but the programme for those will not be released till the 6th of June 2019.

Zürich Openair (21. – 24. August)

During four days various artist will be playing at the Zürich Openair. The Highlight of those days will probably be thursday as not only Calvin Harris but also newcomer Billie Eilish will be hitting the stage.

Tickets for the Zürich Openair will be from CHF 99.00 for one day to CHF 219.00 for the whole duration of the festival.

Of course there are also some other interesting openairs in Switzerland. If your’re wondering what they are, you should definitely go to Open Air Guide.

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